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Flat Creek Farm

Our Farm Story

Falling into place

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Gibson and Caitlin Kohout, married for 10 years moved to the farm in March of 2020, selling their home and signing the deal right before Covid shutdowns began sweeping the country. With a toddler running around, and work slowing to a snail's pace, Gibson Kohout alone in a tree stand on his 12 acres, thought of a way to keep their newfound paradise afloat during the pandemic. Flat Creek Farm was born. In just over a year, the Kohouts aquired, over 50 animals and 200 hooves. Let's not forget Sailor was the original here, Caitlin owned him almost 15 years! The transformation that has taken place on Lodore Road is something that fulfills a lifelong dream of the Kohouts, from Caitlin having her beloved horse just out the backdoor and Gibson being able to hunt and fish on his own property, as well as the two of them being able to raise their little daughter Huntleigh in a stable, peaceful environment. 

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